This post will basically talk about Resale HDB Hacking Works Price List. For most homeowners, they are getting very high quotation for hacking works from renovation contractors or Interior Design Companies because these companies are not the actual company doing the hacking works. Their hacking works are usually sub contracted out to another company (who specialised in hacking). In this way, you are already charged a marked up for hacking works by the renovation contractors or Interior Design Companies.

Resale HDB Hacking Price List Resale HDB Hacking Price List

Why Use Us?

  1. We help you to save money: Basically we are direct hacking contractor that employ our own workers. With our own workers, lorries and equipments, we are able to provide you with the lowest cost possible without any markup from renovation contractors or Interior Design Companies.
  2. We are HDB registered company: Very few direct hacking contractors are HDB registered and in the eye of HDB, those companies that are not HDB registered are not supposed to do any HDB hacking or tiling works. Therefore, we are a legit direct contractor to engage for your HDB hacking works.
  3. Professional and experienced: With 18 years of experience under our belt, we are very experienced in the hacking field. Despite being just hacking works, we take note of the small details and make sure all the works are done correctly with minimum or zero accident and unnecessary damages.
  4. Customised renovation services: In addition to hacking and tiling works (which is our core specialty), we also provide coordination works to full suite Interior Design Renovation works.
  5. Clear and Comprehensive Pricing: With our Resale HDB Hacking Works Price List published below, there will not be any price discrimination.

Resale HDB Hacking Price List

NoDescriptionPrice ($)
1Hacking for 3 Room (Basic / Whole house)3100
2Hacking for 4 Room (Basic / Whole house)3600
3Hacking for 5 Room (Basic / Whole house)4200
4Hacking for Executive Apartment (Basic / Whole house)4700
5Hacking for Mansionette (Basic / Whole house)5200
6Hacking of kitchen & 2 toilets2700
7Hacking of living room, Dining, Bedrooms & Store for 3RM1900
8Hacking of living room, Dining, Bedrooms & Store for 4RM2150
9Hacking of living room, Dining, Bedrooms & Store for 5RM2450
10Hacking of living room, Dining, Bedrooms & Store for EM3150
11Hacking 1 toilet (floor & wall)880
12Hacking 2 toilet (floor & wall)1650
13Dismantle of 1 x wardrobe280
14Dismantle of 1 x kitchen cabinet370
15Hacking 1 x toilet floor only580
16Hacking whole kitchen floor and wall only1700
17Hacking and removal false ceiling and cornices450-1000
18Hacking and removal of bedroom door and frame120
19Hacking and removal bedroom door only60
20Hacking and removal of main door and frame210
21Hacking and removal of main door only120
22Hacking wall (per foot run / height 9 feet max / 1/2 or full height wall same price)70pfr
23Additional rubbish disposal per trip (depending on amount of rubbish)350-500
24No lift landing (per floor charges)please ask
25Feature wall (depending on size)200-550
26Old furniture for disposal (depending on amount)Starting at 180
27Hacking and removal of sink/stove 450
28Hacking and removal of long bath400
29Hacking and removal of skirting 3/4/5 RM500-700
30Other requirement not in the listPlease Whatsapp

Terms and Conditions

  • Basic hacking works means it include the bedroom flooring, all bathrooms wall and flooring, kitchen wall and floor and kitchen cabinets.
  • Disposal of all hacked debris
  • There will be additional charges for clearing of debris (for during renovation use) at $250 per trip.
  • Other charges not inclusive in the package: carpentry works, door and frame, wall demolition, Ceiling and cornices, furniture disposal, additional disposal trip.

How to proceed from here?

All you need to do now is to WhatsApp us by clicking the WhatsApp button on the bottom right of the webpage or you can WhatsApp us directly at 8813 8045. Just drop us a “Hi” and we will guide you from there. Simple and easy.

Tiling Works Price List

Check out our Resale HDB tiling works price list too. When there is hacking, there will definitely be tiling works.

About is a subsidiary of Infinity Concepts & Solutions who is a HDB Registered Renovation Contractor.  All contracts will be billed under Infinity Concepts & Solutions.

Our Licences

Licence Plumber LEW HDB Licence HB-09-5350B BizSafe 3

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