Other than full scale renovation works, we also provide simple hacking and dismantling works which can be completed within few hours. Below are some of the works that we classify as simple works:

  1. Carpentry like wardrobes, TV feature wall, kitchen cabinet, shoe cabinets, etc
  2. Door & window grilles
  3. Simple cornices

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Terms and Conditions

We are upfront with all the terms and conditions so that we have common understanding regarding our services. We do not like to lie and paint a perfect picture.

  1. As much as we like to do a excellent job, not all dismantling work can be perfect. There are always things that we cannot see and sometimes you as homeowner do not even know. We also do not know how the carpentry or cornices are installed which might affect the dismantling work. Therefore, there is always a possibility that your tiles, pipes (whether gas or water), wire, skirting or false ceiling will be damaged during the dismantling process. Chances of this happening is usually 1 in 10 jobs. We will not be liable for any repair cost.
  2. Once job scope is confirmed (meaning invoiced is sent and our workers arrived at site), homeowners are not allow to change add additional items or change job scope without informing us.
  3. We will dismantle and dispose the items.
  4. Invoice will be send digitally after price is confirmed.
  5. Usually a deposit of $50 (its a non refundable once our workers arrived at site) will be sufficient for a simple job and the balance will be payable after job completion. However, there are cases where the job is much bigger is volume (example $1,000 worth). In that case, the deposit will increase as well.

Price List

The price list below for you referral. When you have more items for disposal, there will be economic of scale discount and the price for each item will decrease.

 DescriptionPrice ($)
1Wardrobe280 onwards
2Kitchen Cabinet 400 onwards
3TV Feature Wall280 onwards
4Simple Cornices350 - 900
5Bedroom door and frame300
6Window grilles300-600
7Furniture disposalStarting from $200


Simply WhatsApp us at 8813 8045 with the full pictures of the items to dismantle and we will be able to quote you based on the pictures and after some Q&A.

About DirectReno.com.sg

DirectReno.com.sg is a subsidiary of Infinity Concepts & Solutions who is a HDB Registered Renovation Contractor.  All contracts will be billed under Infinity Concepts & Solutions.

Our Licences

Licence Plumber LEW HDB Licence HB-09-5350B BizSafe 3

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