Following is the Price List for Singapore Carpentry Works. While this is a very good guide for carpentry works pricing, there are also many factors that affect the pricing like material, height, transportation (stairs to move the carpentry), etc.

AreaNo.DescriptionsWhite PVC (S$)Colour PVC (S$)Unit
Living Room1Full height shoes cabinet (Depth 350mm)250280pfr
Living Room2TV console (height 300mm) / Suspenses Shelving140150pfr
Living3Divider Pole (HDB)160each
Living Room / Bedroom4Feature wall28psf
Living Room / Bedroom5Low cabinet / study / shoe cabinet145185pfr
Living Room / Bedroom6Bay window75 (laminate)95 (veneer)pfr
Living Room / Bedroom7Platform (No drawer)27psf
Living Room / Bedroom8Platform (with drawer)39psf
Kitchen9Kitchen cabinet with casement doors + 3 drawers120135pfr
Kitchen10ONLY Kitchen bottom cabinet with casement doors + drawers135145pfr
Kitchen11Kitchen tall boy unit325360pfr
Kitchen12Dish rack1101 set
Kitchen13Divider at fridge (8' X 2')3251 piece
Kitchen14Concrete Sink door8590pfr
Bedroom15Wardrobe with swing door ((HDB)265290pfr
Bedroom16Wardrobe with sliding door (HDB)275300pfr
Bedroom17Wardrobe with aluminium sliding door (HDB)325365pfr
Bedroom18Side table (W600mm x H300mm)2653251 set
Bedroom19Bed head feature wall with cushion30psf
Bedroom203' Bed frame (single)9001 set
Bedroom213'6" Bed frame (super single)10201 set
Bedroom225' Bed frame (queen)10801 set
Bedroom236' Bed frame (king)12001 set
Bedroom24Drawer for bed frame85each
Bedroom25Wardrobe with sliding door (Condo)315335pfr
Bedroom26Accessories tray in wardrobe with glass on top120each
Bedroom27Wardrobe with swing door ((Condo)300325pfr
Bathroom28Vanity (minimum 3ft)120135pfr
Bathroom29Mirror with storage (minimum 3ft)120135pfr
General30Full extension drawer slide61 set
General31DTC - soft closing runner with clip181 set

Carpenter’s Standard Specifications

  • Standard laminate selection below $60 per piece
  • Internal white PVC by default
  • Plywood for carcasses and doors
  • ABS trimming for all doors

Upgrades (Extra Cost)

  • BLUM systems and hinges
  • Other internal storage accessories
  • Internal colour or woodgrain PVC
  • Polyurethane or PU spray finishing
  • Other material finishings like glass, aluminium or stainless steel
  • Special designs and requirements

Price calculation

For example using the kitchen cabinet featured in this post, it has a total length of 40ft. The total cost of this top and bottom kitchen cabinet is 40ft x $100 + $90 (Dish rack)=$4090

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