The following Singapore false ceiling and partition price list is offered by a local contractor who has been in the industry for more than 15 years. This is direct contractor price without any mark up.

 Singapore False Ceiling & Partition Price List 
1Cornice$4.00 pfr
2Flower design cornice$4.50 pfr
3Light cove to conceal Fluorescent Tube$14.25 pfr
49mm think Plaster ceiling (Not exceeding 3m)$3.75 pfr
5Light Box to fix PLC down light T5 (300mm)11.25 pfr
6Light Box to fix PLC down light T5 (450mm)$14.25 pfr
7U-Shape Light Box to fix light & box up pipe & wire$12.00 pfr
8Curtain pelmet of drop 6” for window curtain$9.75 pfr
9Curtain pelmet of alum (2ft)$11..25 pfr
10Design Feature Wall (Base on 3ft wide x 8ft high) single side$375-$570 per set
11Design Divider Feature Wall (Base on both sides 3ft wide x 8ft high)$450-$750 per set
12To seal up the Ventilator$75 per set
13To box up Toilet Drain Pipe c/w Water Resistance Board$270-$540 per set
14Water Resistance Plaster Ceiling for Toilet & external use$3.75 psf
15To fix & repair minor workfrom $120.00 - $270 per trip
16Water Resistance Partition Wall for construct Toilet Wall& external use$6.75 psf
17450 x 450mm manhole for Access Panel$80 per no
18Add wooden support for lighting, door & fan$30 per no
19Construct cement board 1side$8.25 psf
20Partition wall (1slide)$4.20 psf
21Partition wall (2 slide)- HDB$5.50 psf
22L Box (300mm)$9.75 psf
23L Box (450mm)$11.25 psf
24U Box(normal)$15.00 pfr
25U Box beam to glass$22.50 pfr

Terms and conditions

Above price list is for residential only.

If area is less than 100 sq ft (plastering area) or 100 ft (cornice/Light holder), a lump sump will be charge for the work.

There will be price difference for condominium because of height differences.

Prices above will become lump sum if the job scope is really small like only boxing up some pipes and wires in the living room etc. Starting price usually starts from $200 due to transport and labour cost.

How to calculate the cost?

Example 1: For a flat false ceiling in the 200 square feet living room: (Point 4) $3.75 x 200 sqft = $750

Example 2: Curtain pelmet at balcony area with a length of 3m: (Point 8) $9.75 x (3m) 10ft = $97.50

Example 3: L Box 300mm in a square living room (5m by 4m by 5m by 4m = 18m): (Point 22) $9.75 x (total length 18m) 60ft = $585

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