Following is the price list for our tiling works. We keep our pricing standard without any discrimination so that customers can easily estimate the cost of tiling works. This tiling price list is applicable for job scope that is much bigger in scale.


How are we different from other tilers or contractor companies?

For our tiling service, we separate all the cost into 3 components: labour cost, material cost and tile cost. So that you can clearly know the individual costing. For most ID, or contractors, they will give a price of $15 to $20 psf for tiling works including $3 tiles from tile shop. In this way, customers do not really know the breakdown fo the cost. We let customer know the breakdown down to the individual items.

Tiling Labour Cost

1HDB Bathroom floor and wall tiling overlay (without waterproofing)$1600 per bathroom
2HDB Bathroom floor and wall tiling (With waterproofing after full hacking)$2000 per bathroom
3Floor tiling (bigger than 200sqft)$6.00 per square feet (psf)
4Wall tiling $7.00 psf
5Cement Screed Wall$4.00 psf
6Cement Screed Floor$4.00 psf
7Skirting$6.00 per foot run (pfr)
8Base (kitchen cabinet / fridge / washing machine) depending on length$350-$800
9Make Good depending on length$250 on wards per area

Materials and Tiles Estimated Cost

Estimated Materials Cost With Hacking: $2.50 psf

Estimated Material Cost Without Hacking (overlay): $1.80 psf

Estimated Material Cost for each HDB bathroom: $800 (3 in 1 cement, tile fix cement, PVC pipe,  104 waterproofing, grout powder, etc)

Estimated Tile Cost: Starting $2.80psf and above. How much customer want to spend on tiles depends on the customer. $3.20psf is average.

Estimated Total Tiling Cost

Example: For living room, it will be $5.50 labour + $2.50 material + $3.20 tiles cost = $9.70 psf. If your living room for example a 4 room HDB which is around 220 sqft, your total tiling cost will be 220 x $9.70 = $$2,134. If you include skirting which is about $280, the total will be $2,260.

Total break down for living tiling with skirting:

  1. Labour: 220 sqft x $6.00 = $1320
  2. Materials: 220 sqft x $2.50 = $550
  3. Tiles: 220 sqft x $3.20 x 1.10 (10% wastage) = $775
  4. Skirting: 70 feet x $6 = $420
  5. Total: $3,065

Example: For each HDB bathroom, it will be $2000 labour + $800 materials + $1200 tiles (estimate 300 sqft floor and wall per bathroom with $3.00 tiles) = $4,000 per bathroom.

If all these calculation is too complicated for you, feel free to WhatsApp us at 8813 8045 for more information. We will be happy to assist you with the calculation.

About is a subsidiary of Infinity Concepts & Solutions who is a HDB Registered Renovation Contractor.  All contracts will be billed under Infinity Concepts & Solutions.

Our Licences

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